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If you're looking for a Hero Brand to inspire you, go no further than Patagonia. Their latest Vote the Environment campaign is just the latest in a series of public sustainability initiatives that started way back in 2001 when they co-founded 1% for the Planet.

A quick visit to their website gives you a look at how they source their supply chain and how they work to engage their customers to buy less and reduce consumption by their Footprint Chronicles and Common Threads initiatives, respectively. If you want to know what Common Threads is all about, this video is a powerful way of they get the message across.

Perhaps the most interesting part of their story, however, is reserved for their founder, Yvon Chouinard. In this video he explains what, why and how sustainability is such an important part of the Patagonia brand and proves that the most powerful Hero Brands™ have sustainability embedded right at the top.

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