So how do companies trip up on their way to becoming heroes? For one answer to that question, let's consider Toshiba.

At Sustainable Brands '12, Toshiba launched 'National No Print Day'. Featuring a rather funny video with a tormented character 'Tree', they challenged 'individuals and companies to commit to one day of no printing to raise awareness of the impact printing has on our planet

Sound suspiciously like the office version of Earth Hour? Yes, it does, but it was received quite differently.

Declared, among other things 'a stunning display of greenwashing and ignorance',* Toshiba pulled the plug on the campaign the same day they launched it. So what went wrong?

Among other things, it was an attempt to look like a hero of trees from a company who hadn't done enough getting its house in order to earn the right to act as a Hero Brand.

In the November 2011 edition of Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics, Toshiba scored a lowly 2.8/10. Coming in equal second last, hardly a platform from which to launch an attempt to be seen as a sustainability champion.


* For a good round-up of the
try this

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