High time for a Hero:
Why the moment
is now.

Business and people face a moment in time
previously unconsidered in history.

Every generation ponders what the world will be like for their children.

We are the first generation to have to consider if our children will have a world to live in at all. And that is a problem entirely of our own doing.

Every resource is limited. Air, water, food, space, time. Yet our systems continue to treat them as infinite.

Hardly possible when you consider that 1 in 8 people who have ever lived are on the planet today.*

Growth and innovation have been good to us, many of the things they create make our lives better. But they have also delivered us problems like pollution and child labour.

Often these problems are more acute in the developing world, while the benefits are better felt in the developed world. Yet, sooner or later, there won't be a developing world. It'll all be developed and everyone will want a flatscreen, a car and an overseas holiday once a year. We need to redefine what developed means. If business and society is to be sustainable, we need to work out how they can have these things without creating the problems we did on our journey to getting them.

Whoever does that will be the company of the future.

When you look at it this way, what's surprising is not that there is a big place for Hero Brands but that the concept is a surprise to so many people

Any good leader knows that financial statements alone do not reflect goodwill, trust, employee engagement, position to take advantage of new opportunities, nor risk in a business.

Certainly they cannot predict the kinds of challenges the world faces in the next hundred years. In short, if risk does not come from financial factors then financial reporting cannot measure it.

If it could, there would have been no slump in the share price of BP or News Ltd after their respective disasters, as that risk would have been built in. What you see when you read statistics showing that sustainability-focused companies outperform others is proof that a company which has created organisational structures that are

aware beyond their day-to-day issues and quarterly reporting is likely to be more forward thinking in all areas and therefore see strategic risk and opportunities before the competition does.

Brand is a big part of this because it defines how a company thinks, acts and speaks in any given situation. A Hero Brand brings values into this equation and from these values, creates value for its customers, employees and shareholders.

Hero Brands are more aware, more customer and stakeholder focused and more forward thinking. They are more sensitive to the issues that will define the world they do business in.

In short, Hero Brands are the brands that will own the future.


* Estimates vary from 1 in 7 to 1 in 12. Whatever the case, it's mind-boggling.
We liked these sums best


In every hero movie there is a clash between the hero and their nemesis: Batman vs. the Joker, Wolverine vs. Magneto, Superman vs. Lex Luthor.

But reality is not always black and white: Word on the street is that there is also a clash between Captain Planet and Business Man, both famous for their heroism.



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