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So you're fighting fit, you have a mission and you've inspired a small army of people to come on the journey with you. Congratulations. You've done some walking, but what about the talking?

That's right, heroes talk differently too. Here's how...




A hero and their actions need to be easy to recognise. And that means your heroics need a brand.

Start with a name. Common Threads Initiative, Earthkeepers, Ecomagination. These are all catchy names some of the world's biggest companies have given to their heroic endeavours. A catchy name gives your project a meaning that is easy to hold onto.

Next, a logo. Something you can stamp on everything you do that helps easily identify your cause, so people know it's you.

Some good outfits





get a good catchcry

Google's Solve For X promises 'Moonshot Thinking'. For years the Body Shop repeated the line, 'Against Animal Testing'. Howies has many, including our favourite, 'tea is best made in a pot'.

If you're going to be a hero you need a catchcry that everyone can remember as you shout it from the rooftops.


talk about your cause, not yourself

When you've done good, it's always tempting to go out and show off about it. That's not the hero's way. No-one likes someone who talks about themselves. People want to hear stories, be inspired. They want to know what drives you and what adventures have arisen as a result.

Talk about your cause, talk about your mission, talk about how people can get involved and they will talk about you.

Has your company been engaging in Hero Talk?

In this chapter we told you how Heroes do the talk. There are heaps of good examples out there of companies doing well by doing good.

Think of your own business. Has your company been engaging in Hero Talk?

What's your outfit, what's your catchcry? Share your experiences!

Has your company been engaging in Hero Talk?


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Has your company been engaging in Hero Talk?

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