"Business is viewed as an unreliable guardian for society. Business needs to redefine their model with the advancement of social good and sustainability of operations at its core."

Gail Kelly, CEO, Westpac

"An advantage in pursuing green initiatives is that employees expect it of their companies. It has become an important tool for retaining and attracting staff, especially among the younger workforce. Employee satisfaction leads to increased loyalty, commitment and productivity."

AFR Green Business Special Report 2009




"During the current economic slowdown, companies that show a 'true' commitment to sustainability appear to outperform their industry peers in the financial markets."

AT Kearney 'Green' Winners report, 2008

"In 2007 Plan A was a £200m investment and I said it wouldn't make any profit in the first five years. But in the 2010 annual report the auditors said £50m of extra profit was attributable to doing the right thing."

Sir Stuart Rose, Architect of M&S Plan A

"Just as some internet companies survived the bust in 2000 to challenge incumbents, so, too, will sustainable corporations emerge from today's recession to upset the status quo.By treating sustainability as a goal today, early movers will develop competencies that rivals will be hard pressed to match"

Harvard Business Review. Why sustainability is now the key driver of innovation. Sept 2009

"When I talked to the board about Plan A, one-third of them probably thought I was batty, and probably only 10% or so wanted to do it. That's usual, because when you're slightly ahead of the field you typically have only a minority of people who believe in you."

Sir Stuart Rose, Architect of M&S Plan A




Mother Teresa's real name is Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She was born in what is now Macedonia in 1910

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