Pick a mission, stick to it. Nothing reduces your brand value like the perception of being a flip flopper. Just ask John Kerry.



Speaking of politicians, remember when George W. Bush stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier and declared 'Mission Accomplished' when it wasn't even half done? Yep, so does the rest of the world.



You're doing something big, important and necessary. People have made a song and dance about a lot less. Besides, your efforts, even if still in Beta stage, can inspire others to do a similar thing.


DON'T BE a one hit wonder

True heroes are rarely heroes once. If they can find a way to solve a problem once then they can do it twice and earn triple the reputation for doing so. Once off behaviour is a stunt to seek attention. Consistent behaviour maketh the brand.


DON'T BE second

There can only be one pioneer. If your competitor has gone out with a big mission then you need to find a new one that is equally inspirational, or ring them up and join them in helping solve theirs.*


DO meAsure imact

People love numbers, the media loves numbers, those who measure KPIs love numbers. If you can, measure it and put a number on it. It helps everyone understand just how big a difference
your efforts are making.

If you're going to set yourself a mission, see it through


You will come under scrutiny and that's ok

Stick your head above the parapet and someone will always take a pot shot. It's important they do. People who ask the tough questions help separate the real from the greenwash and might even help you find a better way. Plus, no matter how far you go, someone will always demand you go further.

Fact is, heroes are rarely perfect and the more perfect you are the more perfect people expect you to be. But the world is much better off with hordes of heroes trying to be perfect rather than waiting for just a handful of faultless ones.

Take Method cleaning products for example. Faced with reducing the plastic content of their bottles but risking reducing sales in the process they chose not to. Right or wrong?

Well they certainly came under fire as a brand that has done a lot but didn't, in this instance, take things a step further. Does one pot shot mean they should stop being a Hero Brand? Absolutely not.**

In fact, a year on, the story had changed somewhat. By working with Envision Plastics, they found a way to reclaim plastic from the North Pacific Gyre, also known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and recycle it to create their packaging***.


* Yes, this can work too. See MobileMuster for how competing Australian telcos and handset makers have joined forces to recycle unwanted cell phone handsets.

** Read the story here

*** Read all about it

All of which shows that a Hero might not always be perfect,
but that won't stop them trying.


Like what you read? Still not convinced?
Then let the numbers do the talking.
A quick search of the internet shows that
Hero Brands are also the kind investors find inspiring too. 

Here's a short summary of our Googlings
and where you can find them:


graphic 04

The Daily Beast Report


The percentage by which Newsweek's top 100 ranked green companies were found to outperform the S&P 500 between 2009 and 2010.

World Economic Forum Reports:


Average percentage the Dow Jones Groups Sustainability Index performed better than the traditional Dow Jones Group Index over a five year period.
Original source: Collins and Porras 2000. Built to last: successful habits of visionary companies. 3rd ed. Random House, London.

McKensey Reports:

76% Number of executives who say sustainability contributes positively to shareholder value in the long term.
50% Number of executives who say sustainability contributes to short-term value creation.

The Daily Beast Report


Number or respondents who say considering sustainability is "extremely" or "very important" for managing corporate reputation and brands.

Goldman Sachs Reports:


The average number of companies who are considered to be leaders in environmental, social and governance policies and also lead the pack in stock performance.


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Does sustainability impact brand value? You better belive it!


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